5 Time Saving Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

5 Time Saving Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

5 Time Saving Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

We’re all in a constant state of busy, but it seems that spring gets EXTRA busy, especially for people in the event industry. Here are some easy tips to save valuable time when you’re in business….and save some time to enjoy our beautiful weather!

1)      pic 1Reply to emails twice a day. Studies show that people who compartmentalize tasks get more done in their day. Instead of being always available, choose a time in the morning and a time in the evening to be available. You can still give your current clients all day access to you, but everyone else has to wait their turn.


pic 2

2)      Don’t work on a problem longer than 20 minutes. People who get the most done at work tend not to focus on a difficult problem or project for too long. They work on it for 20 minutes, and if they can’t get it done they leave it and start something else. Once the next task is done, they will return to the previous task and resume work on it with a fresh mind. The employees who get the most done at work also take many breaks so that their minds are constantly renewed to tackle whatever comes their way. It seems counterintuitive to take more breaks in order to get more done, right? Apparently the average employee only work about 20 minutes out of every hour. The ones who take many short breaks though, work about 40 minutes every hour. Crazy!


3)   pic 4Get your outfit ready the night before. Much like making your lunch or getting all your work supplies together before you go to bed, getting your clothes (and accessories, shoes, and anything else you wear) out and placed all together will save you valuable decision making energy in the morning. It may also ensure you don’t reach for the same tired look day after day, creating fresh energy and making you look like you really do have it all together.




4)      Hire help! There are so many services these days for busy people, and they’re getting pic 5more and more affordable to be used by average people. Don’t have time to grocery shop? Shop online late at night or in the early morning and have it delivered by Save-On-Foods or Spud.ca for vegetables and organics for a nominal fee. No time for paperwork? Hire a virtual assistant to do the maintenance for your business. Cleaning, dog walking, organizing, meal planning, personal shopping…there are so many small and large businesses that do what you don’t have time for so that you can do more of what you do best. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to do it all: these days it’s a joy and just good business sense not to!

5)  pic 6    Let it go. There are some things you should probably just drop, as hard as that may be. Does your house have to be spotless all the time? Probably not. Do your kids have to eat perfectly balanced homemade dinners every night? That would be nice, but KD never killed anyone that I know of. At least not quickly 😉 Missed going to the gym today? Skip desert and call it a win. Or have desert and don’t worry about it! Life is too short to worry about being perfect, and we’re all just working with a 24 hour day. Be kind to yourself and don’t stretch yourself too thin: life is to be lived, not just worked!