Interview with Laine Ogilvie, Memory Laine Events

Interview with Laine Ogilvie, Memory Laine Events

Interview with Laine Ogilvie, Memory Laine Events



LGLaine Ogilvie of Memory Laine Events is the kind of woman who makes things happen. Just a few years ago, she was a seafood buyer in Richmond who didn’t really like her job. Today, she’s an event planner who not only plans and coordinates amazing weddings, corporate events, trade shows and more but also hosts (and created) the Fraser Valley’s only Food Truck Festival. This woman is going places! Let’s find out more…

Q: How did you get into event planning?
Laine: Well I used to be a seafood buyer, and I hated it. I ended up putting on an event for that job where we pulled a vessel out of the water and there were all these different components to plan and oversee, and I realized that I loved it! After that I decided to get my event planner’s certificate at Vancouver Career College, and then started my own company. Here we are!

Q: What do you love about what you do?
Laine: I really love all of it! Meeting new people, coming up with event concepts, organizing, getting inspired…it’s my dream job!

Q: What do people not know about event planners?
Laine: We’re anal! Hahaha, no but seriously, we have to be! I don’t like anything being out of my control, and I don’t like the unknown. That’s why I’m a great event coordinator: I’m incredibly organized and require results.

Q: What’s your favourite Social Media platform?
Q: Facebook for sure. I love that you can promote events and then keep track of who’s coming…there’s that anal side popping up again…;)

Q: How did the Fraser Valley Food Truck event come about?
Laine: My sister and her husband own Poomba’s Pulled Pork, and while I was getting my event planning certificate they approached me to put on a food truck festival where they and other food truck owners could sell their wares. I did, and now we get from 3,000 to 6,000 attendees in each city we visit.

Q:Why should people attend?
Laine: Because these food trucks are local businesses, with the owner’s hard work and souls apparent in every delicious bite. Food trucks aren’t allowed to park on the side of the road in the Fraser Valley like they are in Vancouver, so these festivals are their livelihood. It’s a great experience to come together in your community and eat what locals have made…Plus, it’s all DELICIOUS.

Q: How can we at FVEPA help you?
Laine: Spread the word! Let your clients, family and friends know about the festival, and most of all: Go Yourselves!!!! And come hungry