Hiring A Bartender for your next Event?

Hiring A Bartender for your next Event?

Hiring A Bartender for your next Event?

 When planning an event, whether it be a corporate event, family event or a wedding, you may assume your catering company or venue will supply the bartending staff…but a lot actually don’t! You may need to hire your own professional bartending service.

 What do I look for you may ask? let us help…here are some qualities to look for…

 A good bartender can make drinks and serve beverages, but a GREAT one can make sure your guests have fun and enjoy themselves even while waiting for their drinks!

 They will have their Serving It Right certificate and any other certifications required by the city or province. Most venues will not allow people to bartend without the correct certifications. I don’t think I even need to say it, but we are 100% certified!

 Most great bartenders bring their own supplies, here at BDA we always provide our own supplies. Coming prepared is very important to us and it should be to you too.

 Ask if the bartender will make you a special signature drink tailored for your wedding? Specialty drinks are great if you’re on a limited budget. Rather than offering a full bar you can offer a special drink to save money.  What is your favourite drink? Martini? Wine Spritzer? White Russian? Whatever it is, we will make it!

 Ask how the staff will be dressed. Generally they should be dressed professionally, for instance our bartenders where black collared shirts with black dress pants and black dress shoes. Classy!

If you are reading this because you are in need of a bartender, look no further! We are those professional bartenders you are looking for! You know, the ones I was just talking about…

Venue tip: Make sure you speak with the venue or city to figure out what the alcohol limit is for that certain location.

Happy Planning!

 Thank you FVEPA Member Before, During & After Events for this great article.