Dragonfly Consulting – Marketing and Event Planning

Dragonfly Consulting – Marketing and Event Planning

Member Feature: Dragonfly Consulting – Marketing and Event Planning
Written By: FVEPA Blogger, Brianna Carson of What Would Audrey Wear?

They say that if you have one true friend in your lifetime, you’re lucky. Those of us in business know that if you can sustain a friendship while working together, you’re even luckier.

Jen and Shannon of Dragonfly Consulting are two women who have managed not only to stay friends while they run their business, but to create an enterprise that is flourishing because of their complimentary personalities. I first met the ladies of Dragonfly Consulting at a Surrey Board of Trade networking breakfast. Jen spoke for the two of them to a room full of business professionals and I was struck by her ease speaking to a large group. After the meeting when I went over to introduce myself to the pair, Shannon was surrounded by people asking her questions, and I noticed the effortlessness with which she related to people one on one. These two work incredibly well together, and their business reflects every bit of that.


Dragonfly Consulting is an event planning company, specializing in corporate and non-profit events. They are full service,
doing everything from helping you commit to a vision of your event to planning every detail and then executing the event
flawlessly. Their tagline is “what will you do with your extra time?”, and it’s an intriguing question when contemplating a
big event.

Q: How did you two get into event planning?

Shannon: After having my second child, my career goals and priorities changed. I was commuting and doing long
hours for a job that I was doing for someone else’s business. If I was going to put in so many hours away from my
family, I wanted to be working for myself so I followed my passion for event planning and started a business with
my business partner, Jennifer Cowden. I had years of experience of event planning within my marketing roles of my
previous jobs, but I enrolled in several event planning courses. I started volunteering with many different events and
volunteered on the Board of Directors with FVEPA. Through the connections made by volunteering and networking,
we started taking on clients and we haven’t looked back!

Jen: Shannon! I also organized sporting events for CP Sports when I was a teenager and loved it then.

Q: What do you love about what you do?

Shannon: There are several aspects I love about event planning. I love working with a variety of clients in different industries – I find it so interesting to learn the details of an industry that you just don’t know about until you’ve
experienced it! I love event day, when months of planning all of the details come to fruition. It can be stressful
with so many ‘moving parts’ and making sure that all those parts move the way you’ve planned them to. But I also
love the problem solving when things don’t go as planned and you have to think quick on your feet!

Jen: All of it – the people, the stress, the spreadsheets, the meetings, the actual event, helping an organization reach their
fundraising goal, figuring out all of the little details, working with Shannon

Q: What are your business goals for this year?

Shannon: I spend so much time working on clients’ educational conferences and workshops that it would be great to spend the time
on me and my business as well!

Jen: To have fun, meet more people of a like mind, and learn new things!

Q: What are you two hoping to learn about your business in the next year?

Shannon and Jen: How to take it to the next level!