The Purpose of Blogging: Tell me Your Story

The Purpose of Blogging: Tell me Your Story

The Purpose of Blogging: Tell me Your Story

The Purpose of Blogging: Tell me Your Story

By Brianna Carson of What Would Audrey Wear?

 BriannaHow long have you been blogging?

Seven years.  I started with a personal blog and moved into business blogging after that.  I have found that people really respond to the personal.

What has changed since you started?

Everything!  I mean, if a business doesn’t have a blog these days, they’re not in the game.  Back when I started, the scene was a lot more artsy and specialized.  Today, everyone has a blog.  Spelling and grammar seem to matter less, and frequency matters more.  What hasn’t changed though, is that people still respond best to a good story so if you have a voice, use it!

What do you hate seeing in the blog world?

I really don’t like when people are vague or impersonal in their blogs.  You should write the way you speak!  I wouldn’t be reading if I didn’t want to know who you are, so tell me!  Now that everything is so accessible online, I can learn facts and figures anywhere.  What I can’t learn is why I should buy from or use YOU.  I’m also disappointed often when I look at the “about” page on company websites: they often tell me nothing about you.  I’d love to hear about your passion for what you do, where that came from, what else you like, your family…those are the things that make me want to work with YOU instead of the hundreds of other qualified people I could work with.  I got an email just yesterday from a lady I’ve never met who has read my blog and thinks she and I would get along, so now she’s a client.  We hire people we like, but we can’t like someone who doesn’t share a little of themselves!

What are your favourite resources?

I honestly get a lot of ideas from other blogs I read.  The creativity of people all around us really inspires me to keep up.  I also just write what I’d like to read, all the time.  If I think it’s boring or too complicated or too done, I don’t write it.  Just because someone says something works doesn’t mean I want my name behind it, you know?  At the end of the day, I want my business to be a true representation of me and what I’m about, not multiple attempts to do what someone else is doing.  Needless to say, mostly stay away from business self-help books!  That said, there’s nothing new under the sun so everything I do came from an idea someone else had at one point.  I just try to keep reading magazines, blogs, and being inspired by all kinds of ideas, and then let those influence my posts.  I read a lot of books too (fiction, historical, psychology text books), and I think that helps me write better.

Parting Words?

In the end, I think we could all stand to be a little less analytical and a lot more creative.  Blogs should be about sharing some information and bringing across to the reader who you are and what you stand for.  If it’s a company blog, it should have company profiles, fun stories from employees, mission statements and worldviews.  Millenials are looking to align themselves with businesses who share their vision of the world, and you’re missing out on their business if they don’t know what yours is.  Remember that your business is very little what you DO, and a lot of who you ARE.